How I Got Approved - Success Stories

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How I Got Approved - Success Stories

Postby dantheman » Fri Sep 12, 2014 7:43 pm

I was finally approved with NeverBlue today. Yippee! :lol:

Let me just say it wasn't that easy... but it also wasn't as difficult as you might think. :D
I'll try to keep this simple and as easy to understand as possible...

Here's how I did it... step by step:
STEP 1 - Apply:
To apply as an Advertiser, go to Mouse over the "Advertisers" tab and click on "Get Account."
Fill out the application. Just be honest with your app and this part should be fine.

**HINT: At the bottom of the application, there is a box to give additional information you think may be appropriate. I highly suggest putting a message in here. Something along the lines of how long you've been marketing (if more than a couple of years).. OR if anything else, definitely put in something about Marcus and his training and how you plan to use NeverBlue along with the course. Just advise who you've been working with. They reeeeally like Marcus. He's the big talk of the town over there. :lol:

STEP 2 - Confirm Email & Wait:
You will receive an email stating you need to verify your email address to continue with the application process.
Click that link. You'll then receive another email stating the following:

"Thank you for signing up for the Neverblue and Pulse Mobile Network. If your application is approved you will receive an email with your log in information containing a username and password. Please note that approval time can take up to three business days."

Okay, I'm not sure if my application had gotten lost in the shuffle... but it wasn't three days when I got a response. You may need to practice some patience here. I submitted my application on July 22nd and got another email on July 28th... so about a week. Here is the email I received at that time:


Thank you for your application to our network. You have made it to the next step!

What we need from you now are screenshots to indicate you’re an active affiliate. Could you please provide us with screenshots of your accounts with your top 1 or 2 affiliate networks showing your membership there, as well as some recent payment history. Please make sure that it clearly shows some kind of personally identifiable information on your screenshots; such as your name, email address or physical address.

If your statements do not match the commission range listed on your application that is ok, just send us whatever you have. Any documentation we receive is kept strictly confidential. If there is any other documentation besides what has been requested above that you feel would give us some insight, please let us know.

Thank you for your time, we await your email.

Neverblue Applications"

STEP 3 - Send Them Whatever You Have
I immediately replied with whatever I could find having to do with either proof of money that I had made, even if it was years ago, or any affiliate account I owned.. or any network I had signed up with and could show a screenshot of my account profile. I actually had a bunch of "payment received" emails that I had collected while running an eBay business a few years ago. I sent them screenshots of those, a screenshot of my clickbank profile(even though it had zero sales), and another screenshot of a 7search account that I had ran a couple of campaigns on. So I really didn't send them that much as far as CPA networks or proof of that nature. I just sent what I had and hoped for the best.
Here's that reply email:

"I've attatched some paypal proof from some ebay selling I had done. The other affiliate accounts are fairly new. Hope this is enough.

Step 4 - Wait A Little More
I received my next email about a week later.. From here, all you can do is wait for another email:

"Congratulations! You have made it to the next step. One of our Account Managers will try to contact you as soon as they can to finalize the application process. Once your approval is complete, your login information will be the following":

Username: xxxxxxx
Password: xxxxxxxx"
And yes I did try logging in.. but no access yet.

STEP 5 - Show Your Interest (CRUCIAL)
I waited until just last week.. Sept 5th to try and find out what was going on since I still hadn't received any other correspondence, let alone a call or any other contact from an account manager. If I had touched base with them sooner than 9/5, I would have been approved way earlier. So the key here is to make sure they know you are still interested and are awaiting approval so you can go to work. They want someone who reeeally wants to be approved and has a major interest in the application process.

Here's the email I sent (short and sweet) replying to the one above:
Make sure you send your inquiry to: (not the reply button)

"Hi there,

I'd like to know when I'll be able to login to my account.
I had received an email saying I was approved but I'm not sure if
an account manager had tried to contact me to finalize.


Step 6 - Holy Smokes!
4 days later, I got a response from an account manager! Here is that email... the one that got me excited and wanting to know more on how to answer these questions appropriately. There's really nothing to it actually..

"Hi Daniel,

Nice to meet you. I’ll be your Account Manager at Neverblue. I wanted to touch base with you to get a better idea of how to help you. Please send me some available times for this/next week for us to have a quick call to see if you’re a good fit for our network. In the meantime, please answer the following questions. Also, my skype ID is.

- What verticals do you mainly promote?

- Which media types do you use when promoting campaigns?

- What countries do you have traffic in?

- Are there any types of offers that you’re particularly interested in?

- How do you prefer to communicate throughout the day?

Thanks a lot and I look forward to getting in touch!"

STEP 6 - Connect With Account Manager ASAP

From here.. I went on skype and requested to be connected with his skype id which he included in this email. In this initial skype message, I answered his questions from the email like this:

Hi, I received your welcome email for Neverblue.. Here are a few answers to your questions..
[9/10/2014 4:53:02 PM] Daniel Darnell: Verticals: Finance, Sports, Gaming, Apps
[9/10/2014 4:54:05 PM] Daniel Darnell: Media Types: Paid search, display, seo, social, some email
[9/10/2014 4:54:39 PM] Daniel Darnell: Traffic countries: US, UK, Canada
[9/10/2014 4:56:48 PM] Daniel Darnell: Offers I'm interested in? yes..
[9/10/2014 4:57:09 PM] Daniel Darnell: Ballr - Fantasy Sports
[9/10/2014 4:58:16 PM] Daniel Darnell: How do I prefer to communicate throughout the day? Usually by email during the day and skype in the evening.
[9/10/2014 4:58:44 PM] Daniel Darnell: I hope this helps and I look forward to working with you and Neverblue. Thanks again!

STEP 7 - Get Approved
I received another email from him asking if I could connect and do a quick voice chat on Skype. This is what Marcus mentions in his video about them wanting to make sure you are a real person and if you are a good fit.
I connected with him on Skype.. did the call.. and was approved in less than 5 minutes. I received 2 emails from him... one with my login info(which happened to be the same as from earlier) and one with statement of approval. This is my favorite email of the whole process of course:

"Welcome to Neverblue. I’ve approved your account. Your login info actually comes in a separate email. Below is a link to the spreadsheet I was telling you about. Just keep in mind that just because an offer isn’t performing well doesn’t mean that it’s a bad offer. It might not have been tested yet adequately. If you think you can do something with one that isn’t performing well, I encourage you to give it a try. Use the spreadsheet as a way to see what verticals are performing best and what offers to start testing your traffic with. I update it about once a month."

Takeaways from this post:
**Take action and apply.. that's the easy part!
**Have a little patience.. but not too much.
**While waiting, create a few affiliate accounts and take some screen shots.
**Be persistent. Let them know you are very interested. Communicate.

That's it. If you just act as a professional and know that you are applying to run a business and not play around, everything should go great. Don't forget to mention Marcus as a referral and that you plan to work with him. My account manager knew exactly who he is and spoke very highly of him and his training. Who doesn't right? :D

Good luck! I hope this helps you and I look forward to seeing more approval posts in here!
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