12 Tips on a Success Direct Mail Campaign

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12 Tips on a Success Direct Mail Campaign

Postby TaslimaRahman627 » Sat Jan 20, 2018 11:28 pm

If you have not figured out yet, direct mail is still a very strong source of leads in a marketing campaign. I personally believe that it is the most over looked part of a business's campaign. But in order to make your marketing dollars work for you, you must first do these 12 steps to ensure that you set your business up for success.

You need to first identify who exactly you are going to mail to. Not all mailing approaches are right for all audiences. So you need to first assess who your target audience is. Once this is determined, then you will start writing your sales copy.

Are you going to do very specific narrow-market mailings? This means that your mailings are aimed at a very specific sect of your customer or mail lists. So for example, you want to review your sales and see if you can determine some similiarities between your clients. Do you have a specific zip code that is a top performer? Or maybe certain sex or professional status? You need to dissect your sales to ensure that you will know to how to market to them in the future. This will help you determine who will be in your targeted mail list. A good list broker will be able to break down your list requirements and get you a solid targeted mail list.

Now you have the list, how are you going to get your customer to open your mail? The first is the appearance. Remember the average consumer opens their mail over a trash can. Almost 60% of the mail is tossed without even being opened. So you need to get their attention quickly. The first way is to use real stamps on the envelope instead of non-metered postage. This makes the first cut that it is not a mass mailing.

Now what type of envelope should you use? You should try to hand write is at all possible. If not, there is a manufacturer that a computer program generates print as if it is was done by hand. But you should avoid using white sticker labels at all cost. If you must use the sticker labels, you must rely on heavy bold catchy copy on the envelope for them to open your letter or notice.

Another simple added technique to your envelope is using a stamp that reads,"First Class Mail" or "Urgent" in a clear visible area that will generate an impact.

Also something that one of our previous clients used was Non-postal delivery methods. (i.e. federal express, ups) And something that you can purchase from vendors that are listed above are specialty envelopes. (i.e. bubble envelopes, tubes, odd packages that require scissors to open)

Avoid using generic address terms on your mailings. Try to avoid, "to whom does it apply" "sales manager" etc. If you do not have access to person's name than try to use creative copy such as Concerned Parents living at . Or person who is responsible for increasing sale . You want to avoid looking like junk mail.

But if you cannot avoid looking like "junk mail" then you need to be extreme and creative with bold copy and great teasers. You need to go above and beyond for them to take the time to open your piece. An example of what I do is when I am going through my own personal mail any advertising piece that caught my attention I keep. I then anayyze why I kept it? Was it the appearance of the teaser line? You want to figure out why it caught your attention, then you can test it on your next marketing drop. I consider this good marketing due diligence. You can always learn from someone else's successes or failures.

Another client of mine, used celebrity endorsements on the exterior of their . Please realize that this is not always a good use of your marketing dollars. You will need to run the cost versus the expected return. But make sure that the celebrity endorsement matches your message and call to action.

And remember the "call to action" is the most important part of your entire message. You want to incite your customer to take action and now. Not later! So make sure you are setting dead lines and time frames.


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