Is there a standard blueprint to building a website?

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Is there a standard blueprint to building a website?

Postby fable666 » Mon Jan 25, 2016 12:30 pm


Is there a blueprint to show you how to build a webiste or do I just go along with the flow?

many thanks
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Re: Is there a standard blueprint to building a website?

Postby jimburrow » Sun Jan 31, 2016 12:16 pm

Their is no standard way or blueprint to building a website. However, assuming you are a student of Marcus, he covers this in many of his training videos (check out his stuff on YouTube) and in the Affiliate Marketing dude toolbar. - Also know as Simple Sites 2016 toolbar.

Now if you are planning on using Wordpress as your website platform, then it's more your imagination how you want you site to look like. First you must have some idea what you want the site to do. Example, do you just one a one page site or multiple page. Is the site going to be more like a static website or more like a blog where you continually adding content via post.

Are you going to have an option form, their are many things you can do. As for a theme, has hundreds of free themes. While in your wordpress dashboard, go into themes>Add New. Their you will have many to chose from by clicking the menu tabs and scrolling.

Or just use one of Marcus themes that you can get from his toolbar. Personally, I prefer Artisteer where the sky's the limit what you can dream up. - the first thirty days is a free trial for Artisteer, but if you are going to have many websites, then you might think about buying it. I think it's around $70.

However, after looking at the many themes that can give you, just search the web by clicking on many of the snippets in the search results pages and see how others are laying out their sites, then go back into and find a theme close to that layout you liked.

To sum up, with add-on plugin for wordpress, their is nothing you can't do with respect to site layout. - yes their is a learning curve on some things. But if you are in a real big hurry, just use all of Marcus stuff that you can get from the toolbar.
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