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MOTORMOUTH comedian Denis Leary tackles his first serious starring role as Bobby O'Grady <a href="">Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online</a>, a thirtysomething car thief still living with his mother <a href="">Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes</a>, in "Monument Ave.," a dreary and violent drama of life amid the bottom-feeders in blue-collar Charlestown, Mass.

Although the production notes hype the film as "a brutally honest look inside the working-class Irish-American experience <a href="">Newport Cigarettes For Sale</a>," Leary and his cousins don't have jobs, but spend their time stealing cars, drinking, smoking, snorting cocaine, playing street hockey and ogling Michelle Pfeiffer's breasts on the VCR.

The crime boss who directs their efforts, takes their bets and guns down anybody at any time is Irish godfather Jackie O'Hara, or "Jackie O," played by Colm Meaney. Jackie's goons pick off Bobby's buddies one at a time, until Bobby is forced to decide whether to skip town or fight back.

Everybody is somebody's cousin and they all seem to suffer from serious developmental delays, a feeling that is reinforced by the awkward cinematic device of flipping to childhood snapshots of child actors who bear no resemblance to the adult actors.

The title refers to the dividing line between Bobby's blue-collar neighborhood and the new yuppi-fied quarter, and probably is supposed to hint at the better life awaiting Bobby and the others if they could only break loose from their dead-end lives -- and their mothers <a href="">Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes</a>.

Leary grew up in Charlestown and pitched the concept for this movie to longtime colleague Ted Demme, who directed Leary's caustic one-man show "No Cure for Cancer" and his best starring film effort <a href="">Cigarettes Online Free Shipping</a>, "The Ref."

Mike Armstrong (who, with Leary, wrote the turkey "Two If by Sea") was recruited for the screenplay, and his script serves up one tired cliche after another. The smoking, drinking and snorting just can't atone for the huge gaps of dialogue, lack of context and character development. The talk is all the kind that might seem brilliant when everybody is drunk at the bar, but is merely silly -- and boring -- in the merciless light of day.

The abrasive wit, mocking irony and quick pace that distinguish Leary's work as a comedian are absent here. The story is slow-moving, humorless and takes itself totally seriously even at its most idiotic moments. At one point, Bobby's mother moans accusingly, "All these mothers, what they've been through, all their sons gone." We'd rather hear more lines from her like, "Don't forget to put the egg salad away."

Leary seems largely wasted here, though he does fine in the deadly serious role of Bobby. The talented cast includes Martin Sheen, at his most unctuous and annoying as the interfering cop Hanlon; the lovely Famke Janssen as a tough Irish lass who sleeps with Jackie but prefers Bobby; Jason Barry, just off the boat from Dublin and last seen gunned down on the deck of the Titanic; Billy Crudup, and Jeanne Tripplehorn.

(This low-budget effort was shot on location in just 30 days and the eight principal performers shared one Winnebago, according to the publicity material.)

Leary, who has been described as both a "rat-faced comic" and an "acerbic blond bombshell," has based his career as a comedian on clouds of cigarette smoke, rapid-fire delivery, cutting humor and a keen sense of irony about his Irish background. There are no sacred cows for Denis Leary. (Listen to the Jesus-Elvis routine from his "Cancer" show sometime.)

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