Help with designing wordpress theme

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Help with designing wordpress theme

Postby jcm4010 » Mon Jan 12, 2015 8:06 pm

Hey marcus. I am developing 2 sites at present: the first one is similar to your site, the "IRS site" but mine one is I have being following same procedures to your site. Right now, my blog is already ranking in google. If you visite my YOU WILL SEE that the theme in this blog is horrible, thus there is no way to add in my contents.
However, I am struggling to design a proper theme in artisteer.

My problems are as follow:
1. I do not appear to have same or similar template in Artisteer to the one marcus had when he was building up his blog on IRS payment plan niche(refer to 7 days blog profit software). I have Artisteer 4 Standard Edition. Is this version different to the one Marcus used? How to get the same or similat templates, especially the ones marked ''W'' in my Artisteer 4 version?

2. Can Marcus produce a video expaining step by step how to use Artistee version 4, please?

I have another blog URL AND DO HAVE SAME ISSUE IN RELATION to CREATING a parfait theme for the blog. Your help will be appriciated.
Jean Claude Matomisa
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