Purchased the Tricentennial Edition of Fallout 76

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Purchased the Tricentennial Edition of Fallout 76

Postby Mmoak2018 » Fri May 17, 2019 1:24 am

This might seem obvious, but to the inexperienced eye, Fallout 76 looks near identical to the Fallout 4. The landscapes, the gadgets, the hairstyles – it’s a Fallout 4 skin with a twist.Some of the buttons are mapped slightly differently and you have the addition of the CAMP function from the Pip-Boy which can get a bit fiddly.There’s also a more functional d-pad that Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, again, can be a bit clunky and now features the emote function which is quite fun to use.

Aside from the odd robot or giant moth, you’ll seldom find an NPC having a walk around the map. The main difference from Fallout 76 and the previous titles is that you and your fellow vault dwellers are responsible for rebuilding society, as opposed to being born or defrosted into a brave new world.As such, new towns, settlements and hierarchies haven’t been formed and the population hasn’t been out reproducing for very long, so it would make sense that most of your interactions are with ghouls, Scorchbeasts and bomb-resistant robots, aside from your vault pals.

If you purchased the Tricentennial Edition of Fallout 76, you’ll receive new skins and items to use in-game. The camp items can be used to liven up your camp straight away. The skins are available too, but you’ll need to have the item in-game before you can use it, so you’ll need to find or craft the Power Armors or weapons before you can apply the special Tricentennial skins.Achievements that require finishing a quest, such as leaving the Vault, will unfortunately not unlock automatically. You’ll have to create a new character and re-do the required quest to get them. As for achievements that rely on crafting weapons or building a camp, those should automatically unlock assuming you already did this in beta.

Once you’ve left the safety of Vault 76, it can be a lonely old world out there. Apart from the robots and beasties crawling the map, you only have other players to interact with. The difficulty curve when playing solo rises quite dramatically, so whether it’s with friends or some guy you accidentally invited to your party instead of opening your Pip-Boy, it’s a good idea to team up.Playing in a group means you’ll finish bigger events, can handle more difficult quests and explore the map quicker as you all take a slightly different route or building to inspect. It’s decidedly more fun to play Fallout 76 as it was intended – as a co-op game, not a solo adventure.

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