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Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 3:58 pm
by jimburrow
This niche is a flipper niche and have no idea how this niche can be flipped as we chatted about earlier in the week.
I would like to use this niche on live webinars as a demo site and build it to $300 a month niche - help!


Main keywords - don't have one yet, hoping you will find some for me on the flipping the market webinar.

Traffic Stats: None

Traffic method desired: both Organic and PPC. Probably will need to start out with PPC

Revenue: zero

Money Spent on Traffic: Zero

Special Notes: I'm hoping you can get me starting in to right direction to building this niche on the training webinar. I'm at a loss at the moment how to flip this market.

Test drive for showing a screen shoot image