CBSi College Sports Live by jim burrow

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CBSi College Sports Live by jim burrow

Postby jimburrow » Sat Feb 14, 2015 12:29 pm

Review Summary - Note that I was not able to add screen shoots to this post. So you will have use the URL links provided.

I have been given the go ahead from my Maxbounty Manager to start running their CBS college sport live offer. Since I lost all my site back in January of 2015 by accident, I decided to create the college sports site from scratch with your help. It would be great for us students in your class to see another student create a site from scratch and follow that student's progress to making a decent income with that site in short order.

First Draft - This review is the first draft for this site and no attention was giving to color scheme with respect to the offer landing page.
So without saying to much so not to bias your review - here we go:

Primary Keyword: College Sports

Secondary or derivative keywords:
CBSI college sports
CBSI college sports live
college sports live
list of college sports
college sports teams
sports college
college sports
community college sports

My Sports site title: College Sports Live
Screenshot of home page - see figure 1 below
URL for this site:

Offer landing page when clicking links on my site:
Screen shot - see figure 2 below

Programming Schedule page
(this is also a screen shot of the page you will see after you signup for a subscription)
Screen Shot - see figure 3 below

Traffic Source: Bing PPC at first and eventually Organic traffic or just might work with both.

Site Title and description: the title and description have not been created yet as I will put them in the All-In-One-SEO pack plug-in when a get around to uploading it to my plug-in area of the site.

Other things in the future:
I will be creating a mobile App page for the site.
At this time, I have no desire to build a mailing list.

To See The offer landing page, click on any link.
To see what the college sports site will look like after registering, click on the programming schedule tab on the offer landing page.
If you think you might want to TRY this great offer, please click on a link on my site. - Appreciated

So Marcus you up for the challenge to show the world that you can take a not so smart student and prove to all that you can teach them how to create a profitable site?

Screen Shots
Figure 1 - screen Shot of website home page

Figure 2 - screen shot of offer landing page when clicking a link on the website.

Figure 3 - page you will see if clicking the programming schedule tab on offer landing page or you Signed up to register.
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Jim Burrow a senior student of Marcus.
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Adding Footer content the Easy Way - jim burrow

Postby jimburrow » Sun Feb 15, 2015 3:28 pm

While I'm waiting for a site review, I went ahead and added my footer information to the site. Information like
About Us

This information is a requirement if you plan on using PPC. Without it, Google might band you and Bing will just not show your Ads, but Bing will at least let you know why your Ad(s) aren't being shown.

Also I have heard the Google will not show your site snippet any more on their Search Results Page without this information. - but that is just what I heard and you might want to check it out for yourself. However, why not put it there anyway, it only takes a few minutes to do.

If you don't know what a snippet is with respect to Organic traffic, check out my post/video on my Getting Traffic website

What is a snippet -

How to add a footer to you site the easy way - On this post is a short video on how to add the footer information. Note this only works if you are using an Artisteer Template.
Jim Burrow a senior student of Marcus.
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Re:Developing my Snippet for Organic Traffic

Postby jimburrow » Sun Feb 15, 2015 4:37 pm

My Organic Snippet

Title: College Sports Live | 30+ different sports (men's & women's)
Description: Get connected to games that matter to you. Watch iCBS College Sports Live on a desktop, tablet or mobile device, and receive coverage from over 100 schools

When it comes to what you want Google, Bing and other to display as your snippet in their Search Results pages can be a little challenging, but with a little work, it can be done with some tips and tricks which I cover on my Getting Traffic ( website.

Note - The latest version of the All-In-One-SEO pack has made some changes, so some of my tips don't apply any more. But I will be correcting this article as I develop this college sports site.

Also note if you are not using the All-In-One-SEO pack plug-in and an Artisteer Theme, then some of my tips and tricks will not apply.

When creating your snippet you have to keep in mind that you are only allowed maximum of 62 characters for your Title (but try for 60 or less) and 162 characters for your Description. Looking at my Title above, it is 60 characters long - including spaces, and the description is 155 characters long.

Keeping this is mind, the Title and Description above is what I'm hopping will be my snippet in Google and Bing, once I install the All-In-One-SEO pack plug-in and bring the site live.

Installing the All-In-One-SEO pack plug-in and working on part of my SEO tricks is not dependent on Marcus Review of my site. Right now my site is in its first draft and Marcus always tears my sites apart with respect to the first layout. So when he tears YOUR site apart, don't let it heart your feelings, but study why he suggested those changes.
Jim Burrow a senior student of Marcus.
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Starting Basic Search Engine Optimation (SEO) on this site

Postby jimburrow » Mon Feb 16, 2015 5:12 pm

Theirs still things I can do to my website while waiting for Marcus to review it. I can begin doing basic SEO work for the site. My goal here is the get the Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and so many others to display a snippet about my website that "I" want it to read and not what there search crawlers think the site is about, which could be peer bull!

If you are interested on how I set up a my sites for Basic SEO, you can go to my Getting Traffic website at this like The title of the post is "Setting Up Basic SEO"

Once I have a final layout and content for the site (including a review by Marcus), I will start on the advance tricks for better search Results Page Ranking. But for now all I can do is basic seo.
Jim Burrow a senior student of Marcus.
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Re: CBSi College Sports Live by jim burrow

Postby magicman » Sun Feb 22, 2015 2:47 pm

Hey Jim,

have you tested it with any traffic.

my immediate guess would be that the numbers would not match up and you would probably make more on flipper sites and adsense.

$8 per sale (where they have to put in credit card numbers and buy is really really low)


ps: if you still want a site review tell me... in order to make this work i would need to get really really cheap traffic or a lot of free traffic as this being the main offer.

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