Need a review of my Front-Row-sports site by jim burrow

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Need a review of my Front-Row-sports site by jim burrow

Postby jimburrow » Tue Feb 17, 2015 5:18 pm

Can I get a review of this site : front-row-sports. It has stopped getting many clicks to Neverblue and the conversions is null.

Note: this site doesn't need to be watching sports with the bringMeSports toolbar. Their is nothing in the domain name looting to such. So while dealing with toolbars is OK, they are very risky with respect to being active as an offer. At a moments notices they can be paused or their payout decrease to a point it isn't worth that hassle to offer them.

So since there is many other sport related products to offer, maybe this would be a good time to convert this site to a flipping market with this site binging the hub - just something to think about Marcus, your the master, I'm just grasshopper.

Neverblue stats: YTD - 353 clicks and 5 conversions (I know, this sucks!) I don't know if the BringMeSports toolbar has run its course or my present site is just BAD! As you know this site used to do very good a year ago. Made me over $6,000 two summers ago.

Traffic is all Organic - can't use PPC because it cost more per click to run Ads than what I make for a lead. The payout is $2.55 per lead, but I normally have to get 50 clicks or more to Neverblue before I get a conversion. - not good! - can't make money that way! Also note that for this year to date it's taken 70 clicks for one conversion - that's in 46 days and not 1 day as it used to be. - Help!

This site may need a whole new work over and even drop the toolbar offer and find something else. But I don't want to lose the site title or domain (for it has history and good ranking position) if I change to some other offer. So would like an offers that would go with this site domain and niche.

Getting tiered of toolbars coming and going without notice as you are a where of.
Jim Burrow a senior student of Marcus.

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