Week Five Replay

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Week Five Replay

Postby magicman » Tue Mar 03, 2015 9:35 pm

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Re: Week Five Replay

Postby jimburrow » Thu Mar 05, 2015 1:56 pm

In this week's webinar, Marcus give Sharon's "home affordability calculators" a real good makeover. In this video, instead of starting with Google keyword planner to find keyword ideas, we already know the keywords and niche. What he is looking for here is how big is the competition and market. Is it better to go with Organic traffic or PPC

From this point, Marcus goes into how to develop this site in great detail including how things should flow and what tools to use. All in all a very good webinar that covers everything except getting a domain and hosting setup. In this webinar that stuff has already be done and no need to cover it again. All new people to IM should watch the replay.

video Time Tags
00:00 Intro - how to get your blog to convert
01:09 Going to use Sharon V website for this webinar "Home Affordability Calculators"
04:05 Begins to go over Sharon's site
04:45 Log-in Sharon's site
05:41 Looking at keywords for this site in Google search to see how big the competition is and an overview of the market. Then going into Google keyword planner to see what people are looking for in this niche.
06:20 In Googles Search, Marcus is Isolating "Home Affordability calculator" to see if Google knows about our site. If Google sees it, then looking at the competition, big name players, but little Ads. So will shoot for PPC traffic
07:34 What does it mean if we have to pay for Traffic - need to focus on conversions.
08:28 Going into Google Adwords tool, to get a quick shot - snippet - on what people are search for with Sharon's keyword. Also homing in on sub keywords
08:55 Comment why we are taking a look at the snippet in google planner or pluses of the market

10:00 Refining our market search on what people are searching for in this niche
11:00 Looking in real time using Excel. - layout on what does this market looking for and how we can give it to them
11:40 Quick comment on the flipper market and what does it mean when he talks about it
12:45 Back to Excel and organizing it.
16:00 Finding potential flipper words and putting them in excel
19:20 How to make it easier for people to find out more about this niche by using what we have put into excel worksheet or snippet.
20:00 Looking at more companion with respect to calculators. - How can we make a better useful calculator.

21:00 Algorithms - how to find them
26:55 Adding content or information inside your calculator
- finding algorithms on in Google
32:30 - good comment on why we don't want to use someone else's excel calculator
- How can we add value to our calculator
38:00 Finding offer that can be used with this calculator and pay out good. Like flipping the market
39:30 Question by Mark - If you have a site like sharon's , how does Adsense know where to put the credit report stuff at?

40:00 Using Snagit to answer Marks question at time tag 39:30 and to show a flow.
43:30 - what you can do with your visitors as they go through your calculator or anywhere on your site, like flip the market, flipper site 1, flipper site 2, flipper site 3 and so on.
44:32 - On the flipper sites, give then information that is going to help them
47:00 Comment - we want to keep these people engaged on our site
48:30 How to change Sharon's site into what he just covered.
48:55 - Going to go through the loop of what is drew in snagged
49:14 What is our #1 job- Help them to find out what they can afford.
- creating some pages on Sharon's site to our number #1 concern.
50:30 Your home page or entry page is the most important page on your site.
50:55 Finding a calculator from the web to put on our site
53:00 Back to Sharon's site to continue - starting with a home page
- get articles from hirewriter and how to set it up
58:43 What content sentence to add to Sharon's home page
-1:00 - Mark question, Yes they are going to a new website when they click the link
1:00:00 Looking for the most expensive keywords in Google what fixes what you are talking about.
-looking for some keyword that does not have Refinance in it.
1:01:20 Going to Namecheap to find a domain with the keyword you just found at time tag 1:00:00

1:03:50 Doing a trick for an opt-in page, using Snagit of an image of the calculator.
1:09:50 Copy image to your page and link it to your table page.

1:09:45 Widget Control - to add are image above into widget control and onto the site bar.

1:12:15 Going through all the pages that make reference to the calculator and add the image in that spot, then link it to the table page.
Note we don't want them to go to the table page and Marcus will tell us why in a minute.
1:13:30 How to make the site juicier with Marcus new survey plug-in and make a mailing list
1:14:50 Configuring the survey plug-in - building a mailing list opt-in
1:17:20 Part 2 of the survey plug-in configuration and capturing leads

1:20:00 Summarizing things up
1:23:12 What to put on the thank you page
1:24:18 What to do with the calculator the easy way - getting the code for a calculator from the web, google. Get javescript code and put in on our website
1:27:15 Comment, can even put a video on the thank you page

1:31:20 Marcus goes over some of the stuff he has been working on
1:31:25 Making a banner using Snagit and front page

End of webinar
Jim Burrow a senior student of Marcus.

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