Week Seven Webinar Replay

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Week Seven Webinar Replay

Postby magicman » Thu Mar 26, 2015 5:02 pm

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Re: Week Seven Webinar Replay

Postby jimburrow » Fri Mar 27, 2015 5:20 pm

This week webinar is one that you want to watch several times until you get it. Without this information you are just spinning your wheels. Also if you still haven't signed up to get full access to the toolbar, you can click here .

On this webinar, Marcus covers the first 2 steps in the toolbar in order to find a niches and find content for your site and how to find offers to give to people. YOUR JOB IS TO FIND OPTIONS FOR PEOPLE AND GUIDE THEM TO WHAT THEY WANT OR NEED.

The Webinar was 65 minutes long. the first 30 minutes he goes into very deep finding niches and how to research to find other things that people are searching on. How the flow might go on your website and how to find offers that will give people what they are looking for - although they may not know it at the time.

Th last 30 minutes of the Webinar, Marcus uses my new website on Malware Fighter and covered everything he went through in the first 30 minutes of this Webinar. - I don't know about any one else, but I had more that just one light bulb light up. - Thanks Marcus

Note: I recommend you copy and past these time tags into your notepad (I use OneNote) and Add more of your own time tags.

So here is the time tags for parts of the webinar:
First 10 minutes was lost due to GoToWebinar problem. The first 10 minutes we went over step 1 in the toolbar
00:00 Step 2 - Finding a niches
00:40 Found a keyword that might be a good niche. Now what do you do with it.
01:14 Go to toolbar and choose step 2 - We want to find offers, finding the money
02:20 Embody the person - they are looking for something, what? Using the example "Overdraft frees". We are going to improvise here!
02:53 First question to ask - Why would someone be looking up this keyword
03:35 Go into Google Keyword Tool and do some research. - here "Overdraft Frees
OPEN NOTPAD and start writing down adjectives.
Example: Overdraft frees protection. Here you would write in your notepad - Protection
04:15 Start looking for sub categories for each word on our notepad list
06:20 Step 2 in toolbar - What are we going to send to them.
07:05 Isolate the keywords in google planer and show only keywords related to the search term
14:45 In the toolbar, look at the section "Think outside the box. - thesaurus search
--------- RECAP ----------
We want to take our market and figure out what is going on and how can we give it to them
15:35 For ideas go into the check list search option.
16:30 Going back to the Adwords tool and start putting in the keywords we have on our notepad list. Start looking for high search volume and payouts. Flipping the market
18:00 After doing our research - how do we profit from this stuff
18:45 Toolbar - look at "Top paying Adsense keywords list"
NEW EXAMPLE - Decrease
19:30 Using the trigger word list and going through the exercise for the keyword -"decrease"
24:55 NEW EXAMPLE - for finding hard to find offers'
25:00 What do you do if you find a niche/keyword that is hard to find an offer for.
31:11 Q&A
31:50 Using jims website - Malware fighter - for the rest of the webinar

31:50 Jim's overview of the site

33:40 Marcus starts his review

34:55 How do I come up with the idea of malware

35:15 Creating a list in notepad, stripping out words from malware

36:40 Searching - what is malware

37:10 Thesaurus - looking for alternate word for malware

37:30 Using Urban Dictionary

38:25 What offers are out there for malware

39.25 Think about what more I can offer them. example, malware check list or toolbar

40:50 Back up computer - from check list

41:25 Comment - using a Stop Sign - What I could say on site

42:00 Doing research before starting website. - look up malware fighter in google - notice it is a program

42:20 What are they looking for here! "User Intent"

43:25 What is our job - to help them out with what they are looking for

46:12 Example of what to say on website

49:00 Comment on using the toolbar - don't jump ahead, go through each step.

50:00 Comment - what is this anyway

50:16 Looking at my site - comments

54:55 Intercept - Add value - then send them to what they want

55:05 Gives example using malware fighter

55:55 Problem ?

57:00 Using YouTube and how to make your domain linkable

1:02:00 Keep it simple

1:03:00 My site again - Butt First
Jim Burrow a senior student of Marcus.

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