Week One Webinar Replay

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Week One Webinar Replay

Postby magicman » Tue Feb 03, 2015 12:18 pm

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Re: Week One Webinar Replay

Postby GreenPen » Tue Feb 03, 2015 6:24 pm

Hey Marcus,

Can you add some kind of "summary" of what was discussed in the webinar replays? There's going to be a lot of videos here and it would be great if we had some kind of table of content or replay sitemap.
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Re: Week One Webinar Replay

Postby jimburrow » Wed Feb 04, 2015 12:45 am

In This video, Marcus show is how to navigate our members area. 23 minutes into the video, marcus covers how to use the trigger key word list to find a niche. Then continues to do our homework and find out more about this niche that the average person that is doing the search. Around time tag one hour he goes into how he creates an mind map using Snigget.

Video Replay Time Tag - Their is four main sections to this video.
00:00:00 Introduction to 2015 Profit Course
00:23:00 Starting Marketing basics
01:13:10 Recap of members area
01:19:00 Final questions before closing webinar.

Time Tag For Introduction
00:00:00 Introduction to 2015 Profit Course
07:29 Finding Your Way Around The Members Area
08:00 Marcus Plug-in area

08:33 Week By Week Content area
08:49 - If you have a question about a replay, where do you put it.
10:50 - Scheduling
11:00 - where to find the links to the webinars
11:43 - where to put generic questions outside of the course
12:21 - where to put a question about a plug-in
12:24 Question by Jim - Site Reviews, where to put them

12:37 Post Site reviews area
12:47 - How Marcus would like your review layout
14:55 - Putting your site in the post title and your name
16:21 - Review for a new site, create a New Topic
17:00 Question by Jean, can you make a comment on someone else's thread
17:46 Question by Jim - continue your thread on a given site.
18:34 - what do you do if you have a different site or a new site

18:55 Cool Bonuses From Marcus area
20:20 Question by Jean - How do you do a search on the forum
22:30 Quick overview how to use the learn everything area

Time Tags For Starting Marketing basics
23:00 Starting Marketing basics
23:30 Introduction To Trigger Words
24:55 How to use the Trigger Words to find a niche market
25:05 SRDF.com and what it showed you
26:30 How to use the Trigger Words with Google Planner Tool To Find niches
28:06 - Looking to see what offers are available for weight loss
29:30 How to use the "Simple ROI/EPC Calculator" to see if you can make a profit in your niche with a selected keyword
33:40 - Using a different less competitive keyword
41:10 Example on what people are looking for.
44:55 - what marcus thinks people are looking for and the question he would ask on a site
45:10 How Marcus would tackle this niche on Work Life Balance
46:00 - Got to do your homework to learn about this keyword niche
47:50 - Getting their curiosity
48:05 - People are to wordy on their sites
50:00 Our Job to learn about what the person is looking for so we can give it to them or now more about that subject than them
55:30 - you much engage in their conversation in their head
52:00 Writing headline, habit of talking to people via your headlines and titles, copy
53:00 Using Site Tools and Chrome tools add-on
54:45 Finding a Domain Name for this niche and offers you can use in this niche
1:00:00 Creating a mind map in snaggit

Review and final questions before ending the webinar
1:13:00 Review of what was covered in this webinar
1:13:10 Recap of members area
1:14:44 Recap of Trigger Words
1:19:40 Jim's question ?
1:22:45 Where to click to make a private message
1:23:45 Homework summary
Jim Burrow a senior student of Marcus.
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Re: Week One Webinar Replay

Postby GreenPen » Thu Feb 05, 2015 7:19 am

WOW - Now that's a summary...thanks

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