Week Three Webinar Replay "The Content Profit Model"

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Week Three Webinar Replay "The Content Profit Model"

Postby magicman » Wed Feb 18, 2015 12:19 pm

phpBB [video]

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Re: Week Three Webinar Replay "The Content Profit Model"

Postby jimburrow » Fri Feb 20, 2015 12:44 pm

Summary by Jim Burrow
This video is about How to setting up a blog website. In this video Marcus uses Keyword planner to find a niche for Fashion. He find a Fashion niche.

So the Hub site will be "How to set up a fashion website. Marcus does not go into what to or how to set up this Fashion website but goes right to a flipper site.

For the flipper site he will use a website titled "Instant web hosting" (http://instantwebhosting.org)The remainder of the video is about setting up and modifying this flipper site.

The end of the video, he begins to go over my website, but about 30 seconds into the review, he says, this site is grap and to put it in our members area for review.

Personally, I'm at a big loss to way he thinks this fist draft is pure grap.

Here's the third week replay time tag.
Time Tag Subject
00:00:00 Intro

3:30 Value is in the problem / Solving

4:32 Using Instant Webhosting as the example site

5:30 Problem solving vs content creation

5:58 Starting with our Adwords Keyword planner, Focus on what is going on, what are they searching for.

8:17 Marcus gives an answer to why he is using a primary keyword with only 20 searches per month.

10:00 What is meant by flipping the market

10:25 Problem/solving is in the keyword

11:15 Money is out their anyway

11:50 My job now is to get people to set up something instantly - remember we are showing them how to set up instant hosting

12:53 Marcus begins to modify the instant hosting website (http:instantwebhosting.org)

13:10 Setting up a Blog to flip the market.

16:14 Quick story about Marcus back in the day where he was building websites using PayPal shop.

18:58 Back to how to start a blog

20:00 Going to use "How to build a Fashion Blog" (I think this is the hub site or first site that has links on it to a flipper site - here the flipper site is instant hosting.

22:35 The name of the game is to Isolate and Solve the problem

23:20 Tip - Knowing a little thing will help other people big time

23:50 Begins to setting up and modifying the Instant Hosting website.

24:12 Going over the Instant Hosting website before starting to modifying it.

24:50 Marcus again explains what a flipper market is.

25:55 Tip - We are out there to find something in our market that others don't know

26:20 Tip - For content, lead them down the rabbit trail (tell them step by step what to do)

28:00 Using Hostgator has one of the offers for this site.

28:26 Using steps on this site answers the problem question

35:00 Using the code from blue host to put a domain name search box on your site.

38:00 How he is using Snagit to grab images to put on this site.

42:23 Shows how to remove the border around the domain search box and resize it.

43:10 How to search to added code to the html statement to remove the boarder.

45:00 How he is using Snagit to highlight text

48:48 Quick review on what he has done so far with respect to modifying the instant hosting site

55:05 Step 2 on the site is about adding the price plan for webhosting.

58:48 Tip - Notice the imbedded command in this statement and assumption made

1:00:50 Getting rid of the Hostgator banner and why

1:01:29 Going into Adsense to get a new code and replace to old code on site

1:00:03 Using Front Page to get code for fonts

1:04:10 Marcus goes back to Adsense to get a new "Text Ad" code to replace the banner

1:06:00 Summary and Clean up

1:08:55 Adding Step 3

1:10:07 Adding Widget Control to side bar and adding a mailing list.

1:10:20 Tip - Do the extra work to get extra money

1:13:54 Going over Jims site, but 30 seconds into it, he stops it as he thinks it is grap.
Been waiting for Marcus to review the site in Our members area. To see what the site looks like before changes, go into the site review section of our members area and look for CBSi College Sports Live by jim burrow

1:16:08 Going over Joans website

1:19:00 Webinar Ends
Jim Burrow a senior student of Marcus.
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Re: Week Three Webinar Replay "The Content Profit Model"

Postby kittrad » Sun Oct 11, 2015 11:56 am

Would be very nice to see a Webinar similar to this. An upcoming one.

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