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Week Four Webinar... FINALLY...

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 4:12 pm
by magicman
AHHHHH after much hair ripping and frusteration... we got this one up... something happened to the file so we had to go with the standard gotowebinar audio.

phpBB [video]

Re: Week Four Webinar... FINALLY...

Posted: Fri Feb 27, 2015 7:04 am
by GreenPen
After watching this, I think I know what's been holding me back.

It's not the way Marcus finds profitable keywords, or even how
he sets up his websites.

For me, it's his sales-copy insight.

That first headline, that first hook that starts it all. :o

Re: Week Four Webinar... FINALLY...

Posted: Fri Feb 27, 2015 5:56 pm
by jimburrow
Summary of week four webinar
Marcus covers how to create an internet market business from the beginning to making money. In this video you will see how to buy a domain, point that domain to a hosting company and how to install WordPress on that hosting company server through their Cpanel.

Marcus introduces Widget Control and Grid Tracker and How to setup Aweber for a mailing list. After sitting up a new website from the beginning ( to end, he goes through the flow of the site with respect to the visitor (your target people)

Note: this is a very good webinar video for new students.
Also Note: Copy this time tag to your computer, that way you can modify it for you. This time tag is in respect to my point of view and what makes since to me when i see the entries for each time tag.

Time tags
00:00 Introduction using
00:48 Look at niches and look for something to give them. Start with the Google Keyword Planner
01:50 Looking at sub Categories keywords for ideas
06:25 What to say to get people's attention
06:48 Back to the tax site example and thing of thinks you are thinking in your mind
08:10 Our job on this site is to get people to put their name and email in the opt-in box.
08:30 At this point Marcus doesn't like this site the way it is. He is going to give it a make over
08:35 What do we want to do for this site - foremost
08:40 Looking at email on the back end
09:12 Starting to modify the tax site, starting removing Aweber opt-in form

09:40 You want to get as many people as you can that are interest in filling form - note, what I'm I going to do with them
10:00 Add a new plug-in for the opt in form - use widget control
12:45 Log into Aweber and get the Unique List ID. Then add this ID into widget control
13:32 How to setup and use widget control
15:30 Adding a title line for our Opt-in form - Marcus makes a point how and why he wrote this title this was combining two thoughts into one.
16:00 Using a different example of writing a title for your opt-in form - will use the loose pounds as an example in Google keyword planner
17:45 How this opt-in title would look like in real time
18:30 Setting up the 3 bullets in the opt-in form
20:30 Back to the Tax Site and doing the same thing and finishing setting up the opt-in form
23:30 Creating a new post for the Thank You Page. - always us a post
26:00 Getting some ideas from the Google keyword planner four our bullets

28:14 Using Google planner to get some ideas to what people are searching for
28:50 Getting a New Domain for this niche -
33:11 Going to Bluehost to get the NS numbers to put into our Registrar (Namecheap) to point to our website hosted in Bluehost. Note, website not yet created in bluehost at this time
37:00 Setting up bluehost for an Add-On for our new site
39:00 Installing WordPress inside bluehost cplanel
41:45 How to remove bluehost default page for our website - jim comment - personally I wouldn't worry about it for in a moment you are going to change it anyway on your site.

43:55 Setting up this site title and tagline. Title will have primary keyword in it. The tagline will have sub-keywords in it. THIS IS IMPORTANT. MARCUS COMMENT ON THIS
47:22 Setting a static (home page) for our site
48:12 Creating a new theme in Artisteer
56:20 Uploading our Artisteer theme in to WordPress
57:50 Installing Widget Control plug-in and configuring for Aweber
59:43 Logging into Aweber and setting it up for a mailing list
1:00:00 Comment on adding some offers on the conformation page.
1:01:30 Setting up widget control for our new aweber email list, title and bullets
1:02:19 Comment - We want are bullets to be the snippets for our market as seen in Google keyword planner. And finding an offer for the third bullet including a toolbar if you are offering one.
1:05:30 Adding our form into the widget area of our website
1:06:40 How the form is used by option in and going to the thank you page and making it stand out more with an image
1:08:10 Sitting up page on our site
1:09:19 Getting rid of comments or replay by using the CSS editor - see comments at time tag 1:52:33 for an easier way and other comments
1:11:19 Back to creating pages with content and videos.

1:16:05 THE FLOW - comment on using video
1:16:10 Visitors go to your site, watch you video, opt-in to mailing list and end up on you thank you page
1:18:00 Recouping you investment - Note I think Marcus changed the Thank You title
On the thank you page to "Grab Your Free Bonuses Now"
1:19:45 Looking in Maxbounty for offers
1:21:22 Using a Banner on your site as a bonus
1:22:50 How to make the banner work for us
1:26:29 Add a New Plug-in to our site - The Grid Tracker and how to set it up


Q& A
1:39:16 Where to store you pad used as an bonus. - marcus uses the CSS editor
1:42:00 How to get the pdf in a post - comment about adding some content, a bonus for Google and the boys
1:43:09 Using snaggit to capture an image and put it on your site
1:44:08 Other thing you can do
1:44:53 How to use this site as a hybrid site (flipper site)
1:49:06 How did you place the women between the opt-in title and the bullets
1:50:25 Do you need a place on your sight in order to download the pdf
1:51:00 How do you make links blue - change it in Artisteer
1:52:00 Do you have to rewrite the book (pdf) to offer it on your site
1:52:15 On the flipper site, can you use CPA offers with Adsense - YES
1:52:22 On the grid, you have to make your image the same size - The grid tracker do that automatically
1:52:33 Comment By Jim
Pdf - can be uploaded into the media library and then added to your page like any other Add Media
Getting rid of the comments or reply on a page or post
1:55:19 What does the ping do when checked.