It seems to live up to that promise

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It seems to live up to that promise

Postby Mmoak2018 » Tue Apr 03, 2018 8:17 pm

Just just how can Tera playwith? The MMO bills itself as a genuine action game, and for the most part, it seems to live up to that promise. There's no waiting around for endings or cooldowns here -- you're free to strike, dodge, and pull off special moves whenever you want. The system's fairly fluid, and using a whole lot of different player classes to select from, there is a good amount of variation available.

Just to be clear, this isn't Devil May Cry, but as much as MMOs go, it's quite an impressive hack and slasher. Think The Elder Scrolls Online, just far more over-the-top, and you're on the ideal track. The bottom line is that it's pretty fun, and we enjoyed letting loose with assorted powerful attacks once we'd unlocked them up.

But everything outside of battle seems somewhat standard -- the kind of quality that you would possibly expect from a free-to-play MMO. Early quests are throwaway events, along with the dialogue is immediately forgettable. While we get that many individuals just dive into games like Tera because they like the mill, it'd still be nice if things felt involved.

On that note, at least character creation is trendy. The system isn't exceptionally in-depth, but with a assortment of fantastically designed races to choose from, it's easy to produce a hero who looks the part. Couple them with sweet looking weapons and armour, and you have got an MMO that has a good sense of in-game style.

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