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Affiliate Marketing Dude Trigger words

Postby texasben » Sat Sep 01, 2018 5:10 am

Hey all,

Marcus talks about horizontal and vertical method for trigger words and I believe that vertical is where the money is.

Today I went to the google keyword planning tool and used the trigger word achieve.

I saw something unusual, achieve3000 login

100k-1m and low competition.

At first glance when perusing the achieve3000 website, they dont seem to have an affiliate program. However when I searched achieve3000 affiliate
I found a site who was selling achieve3000 programs at a discount and the site had an affiliate program but it wasnt from achieve3000 directly, it was their affiliate prorgam.

So I continued my search rather than leaking profits. Nothing on achieve300 yet but it did lead me to another market.

Can you guess which market?

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