Merchant Sites are Suspended.

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Merchant Sites are Suspended.

Postby 7evnty2 » Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:41 am

Okay so I did some more research.

I found that I'm not the only one with this problem and I also didn't explain it very well but now I know how to properly word it, so my problem makes more sense.

Marcus, The merchant sites of the affiliate products I'm promoting in my Niche are all suspended. I have tried 3 offers, all sites are suspended.

I had the ad campaign, website, and every thing set up and ready to be tested so I can start making money.

But the first product's merchant site was suspended... then the next, and then another one I tried.

So I have found one last product to promote that still gives me a decent commission. I applied for it and hopefully will get approved soon.

Bing actually worked for my first product but on Google, that first product is suspended. (Google is insanely strict).

My Bing Ad is doing horrible however. On Google i got .01 Cent Clicks and a 6% CTR.

I would say my ad was doing pretty decent on Google. On Bing, I have a 1% CTR and .05 Cent Click cause that's bings minimum bid apparently :(

So I need to work on my bing ad because the product i'm promoting through bing gives me a $40 commission per sale and for 5 cents a click... If my site converts well then I'll be making good money.

HOWEVER, my struggle is with GOOGLE! What can I do about the merchant site suspensions because of claims of getting results in a certain amount of time... How can I contact the maker of the affiliate site to tell them to make changes more fit for PPC on Google?? Or what else can I do?? Amazon has products but the commission is soo low. I'd only be making about 1 dollar if I converted someone. But they have to buy a $30 product for me to just make $1.

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