Small Amount of Clicks Per Day. Please Help Marcus!

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Small Amount of Clicks Per Day. Please Help Marcus!

Postby 7evnty2 » Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:17 pm

I got cheap keywords and ad copies to run on 1 cent clicks. But was only getting a few click per day on google.

So I made a bing ad and am getting 7 clicks per day on 5 cent bids for keywords At or Below 1 dollar suggested bid price.

On google i raised it to 5 cents as well and am getting about the same amount of clicks as bing. I have a 30% CTR on Google atm and a 28% Conversion rate.

My google had is going to make me tons of money if I can scale this ad.

My question Marcus is... Why am I getting so few clicks per day and How can I get more clicks, faster... How can I scale the clicks??

I'm not very good with bing or google ppc ads yet. Don't know my way around, PLEASE HELP so I can be your testimony. I promised you about a month ago that i hope to be your biggest testimonial one day and its very well possible.

and yes I am a big profits customer.

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