Marketing Tips From The Election 2016

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Marketing Tips From The Election 2016

Postby magicman » Tue Feb 02, 2016 12:20 pm

While watching the election last night i noticed several different marketing tips that you can use to increase your bottom line.

THINK ABOUT THIS... estimates are expecting this 2016 presidential election in the USA to cost about 5 BILLION DOLLARS!

So you can bet that there are some killer marketing tactics we can learn from... starting with this... which is one of the most overlooked super easy to implement marketing / sales tactics of all time.

Imagine... you have just been sold on an idea, candidate, product, or whatever...

And the salesman walks away EXPECTING you to know what to do next.

For example... lets say i like Bernie Sanders... which i do by the way... and not for the reasons most people would think... more about that later.

And say i live in iowa... but i have never caucused before... and i really dont know how it works, where to go, what i need... blah blah blah... more stuff added to my already complicated life... for what... so i can put another vote in... ah... he will probably do fine... ill just stay here and watch it on tv... after all... theres a snowstorm coming anyway...

So i stay home... along with countless others... probably woulda closed that gap if this happened on either side...

NOW... i personally don't like Donald Trumps politics... i don' think america needs to be divided, separated, and labeled. And personally i dont think a politician that is MONEY DRIVEN that much should be president... because when money is what you fight for... pretty soon moms, dads, kids, and brothers become... 1's and 0's on balance sheets... which is what caused all of the problems we now face as a country here in american anyway.

As Bernie Wisely Said... "These Problems Are Self Created" there wasn't some big magic force that made a financial issue, there wasn't some magic genie that made healthcare a mess... it was all people... and people can fix it.

Remember that in your own life... most of the problems we face... are caused by our actions... it doesn't matter whos fault it is... you can battle that out later... for right now the question is... what are you going to DO about it.

ok... ill end my rant...

Back to Trump... personally - cant stand what he says... don't like his politics... don't want to be part of his america (or Cruz) for that matter... but... Trump did a smart one this week...

You see trump new that a lot of people "Buy His Shit" oh sorry i meant to say... like his message... and he knows that a lot of his followers like the example above... don't know how to spell caucus let alone figure out how to vote in one...

so he sets out and puts up videos, messages, and makes little printouts... so people can go vote for him.

this... was very smart...

Close The Deal ----> get them to buy your message
Tell Them What To Do -----> get them to take action

because it doesn't matter how many people like Bernie, or Trump, Or Rubio at HOME... it only matters if they get up and go to the polls.

SO... how does this affect you... SIMPLE... dont just ask for the sale... tell them how to order!

BAM... magic... done...

did you know that my sales go up DRASTICALLY when i show the order form and say put your name here, email here, card number here then click order???

its a very simple strategy...

imagine what would have happened last night if Bernie (my man) said... here is how to caucus... which he may have done... but not good enough... he probably would have closed the gap and won by 1% :-)

by the way bernie... if you are reading... i have more ideas like this - one can only hope right lol

so how can you use this in your markeitng...

heres how to order | its easy to get started | to caucus for me print out this form | ect


now... i know you like this stuff... and i know i make it seem really really easy... because it is...

all i am doing is watching what people do... and like Trump... i saw a little gap... that gap is the people who stay home because they don't want to get up and learn how to caucus... or they don't know what to search. or they don't know how to search...

believe it or not... you are very privelaged... you know how to search the web... and i have taught you how to search the web in a different way...

Don't You Think Its Time To Use This Skill To Make Mad Profits?
Don't You Want To Find A Gap And Use It To Help People While Earning A Living?

think about it... what was every vote worth to the candidates last night $10, $50, $100, $1,000 or more...

and we are on the cutting edge... we can get people to take action in a really simple way...

Here Is How You Can Find These Little Gaps... And Profit Online In 2016 By Helping People Find Out What To Do Next.

Step One: go to
Step Two: fill out the form and save over $500
Step Three: download and run simple sites 2016 and profit online in a super simple way.

If you candidates can get 350,000 iowans to run out in the cold and vote...

well i think you can get someone to download a recipe toolbar or fill out a mortgage form... or even order 600 bucks worth of fonts (i actually had this happen on my little font site lol)


Now... Take Action... because your vote does't count if its never cast and youll never make money just thinking about it and learning about it...


Here is how to start - fill out the form... then get me on live chat and say hi :-)

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Re: Marketing Tips From The Election 2016

Postby magicman » Tue Feb 02, 2016 5:20 pm

Example "Candidate Sell" Message From Marcus: Post Your Message Below - And Learn A Valuable Marketing Lesson.

Dear Fellow Americans, Bernie Sanders should be the next president of the united states of america because he is the only one bold enough to stand up against a corrupt political system. For years i believed that the republicans were on my side, protecting my nest egg, and my rights.

BUT... the truth is that the major players on the republican and democratic side are funded by wall street.

You remember wall street... they were the ones who LOST YOUR MONEY... and MADE YOU PAY to get it back... all while they kept earning more and more and more... these people are corrupt and have bought american politics.

THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU... or me... they care about themselves.

Take a look at a big corporation like walmart who employs 1.4 MILLION AMERICANS. They pay poverty wages, provide half ass benefits... and make a fortune.

So next time you shop at walmart... remember as they make $64,000 profit per minute... the government is providing their workers with the benefits they refuse to give... AND THEY GET TAX BREAKS!!!

i ask you... who cares about the middle class...

Doe's A Family Making $64,000 a minute need another tax break... REALLY???
Should Wall Street Pay The Same Amount Of Tax As A Struggling Single Mother On Food Stamps???

Trump Doesn't Care, Hillary Doesn't Care, Obama Doesn't Care, Rubio Doesn't Care, Cruz... well... don't get me started on that one lol

Bernie... i think he cares. (his tax plan is a little less middle classed focused than i would like) but i think he cares.

Do your homework... i think you will come to the same conclusion. The system is rigged... and its not in your favor.

Now many would ask... well how is bernie gonna pay for all this "free stuff" i would like you to ask... well who paid to bail out wallstreet, who fixed the mess of the recession, who gets the benefits of that action???

Its time the american people benefit from tax spending... and YES... people living below poverty or at poverty should get benefits... we live in the midst of plenty... the less fortunate should be fed... not just in america.

Truth of the matter... starvation is not a food issue just like government is not a money issue... LETS TAKE OUR GOVERNMENT BACK FROM WALL STREET!

OK... mine was 391 words... but its an example to follow... post yours below:

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