Live chat – exploring the undiscovered customer support possibilities

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Live chat – exploring the undiscovered customer support possibilities

Postby NickWatson » Wed Apr 26, 2017 4:16 am

Live chat is the ultimate sales workaround. Embracing it is not as easier as being said. The reason is simple. It’s the easiest way to boost your website conversions in real-time without needing to invest time in split testing. This is no news to many of you who have already got their feet wet with live chat for increasing leads. But, for most of you, it didn’t work right away.

Proactive live chat attract users towards buying decisions by luring them into a conversion. Our research demonstrates that a noteworthy chunk of visitors will prefer chat on noticeable CTA.

Customer chat support is overall a different beast. The objective is to lessen the amount of phone and email tickets and find solution of customers’ issues on the go.

The reason support works on live chat is your live chat agents can get the ins and outs of customer issue in real-time without digging deeper into the tickets and email responses that can be really time consuming and the slow resolution will also infuriate the visitors.

Moreover, your website is always available and so is the live chat. People are more likely to after there working hours. There are many chat outsourcing companies that offer 27/4 live chat agents to handle your customer issues diligently.

The most efficient way to start with live chat is to allow your sales person to manage the support requests for a certain time period. This is help you create a knowledge domain of all the Q's And A's and provide it to chat agents you employee to do your support.
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