Building a Strong Relationship With Your Email List

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Building a Strong Relationship With Your Email List

Postby rprifat1 » Tue Jun 18, 2019 7:14 am

How To Build Stronger Bonds and Increase Your Opt-In List Response With Relative Ease!

One of the best ways to build relationships with your subscriber is to strengthen the rapport between you and your customer.

Here are a few ways to achieve that:

1. Keep in touch with your mailing list often. Don't mail them only when you need to promote a product show them you really care by mailing them something you know they need like a free article or software that you've used. You can add these little goodies to your auto-responder and create an offer/value mix that goes out as part of your regular communication to your list.

2. Ask your subscribers about their needs and concerns. Use questionnaires and surveys that get your subscriber involved. Ask them what they need from your product or blog, send them an email with multiple choice options so you can limit there response to your area of expertise.

3. Send them a gift. It could be in the form of free reports, blog templates, graphics or even free membership access! Don't include any sales pitch or additional links with the gift just a brief statement to let them know you were thinking about them.

4. Be personal. Let them see your human side or your personal life. Include a tid bit about how your family life is doing or how the product has personally affected your life. Don't just repeat the same old daily dry E-mails that talk about product launches. Change it up, relay some personal information like "I just had a new baby named XXXXX and would like to celebrate by having this dime sale.

5. Be educational. When you impart something of value to your subscribers, they will see you as a teacher and listen to what you have to say. Include a link in your message pointing to a video or eBook that shows them how to use your the product or service in your offer.

All of these methods will come in handy when you want them to 'listen' to your message and buy what you have to offer. Go ahead, take it to the next level by providing free value all the time and the element of trust you develop will make your list and business grow exponentially. Always give more than you receive without asking for a return and your trust factor will explode your list to infinity and beyond.
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