Please review my site! Thank you!

DUDE... can you just look at my site and help me make money with it??? SURE PAL... submit it here (Must Be A Paid Member)
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Please review my site! Thank you!

Postby brogan.klombies » Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:44 pm



The site is

The affiliate offer is a Free videodownloader toolbar download for $2.25 from GlobalWide Media.
I am a simplesitesbonus 2016 owner. Klombies.

I bought some traffic the other day - 48 clicks on Adwords - $0.14 CPC - for keywords such as..

youtube video downloader
video downloader
download youtube video
download a youtube video
download videos
free youtube downloader
youtube downloader free download
download videos youtube
(The list goes on...)

No conversions so far. After testing, I made some substantial changes to the top page (such as the image ads selection)

Am I heading in the right direction???

[UPDATE AUGUST 17, 2017]

okay, so I have bought search traffic from Bing and Google. After refining my keywords, I got about 0.15-20 cents CAN per click..which is..okay. My affiliate offer lowered its budget to only 1.05US per US download (even though on offervault it says $2.25).

My CTR on my affiliate links was quite fantastic after I added the illusion of choice with the "choose which website to download from" ad. It raised the CTR from 0.01% to 35-40% CTR. The conversion rate was realllly bad though. The only conversions made were from places like India, Nigeria, Philippeans etc. and they paid 0.04-0.08$ per download. No US traffic converted when the ads ran.

I made about a dollar in conversions, and lost significantly more paying for traffic.

The CTR decreased slightly after I uploaded the screencap video of me downloading and using the tab extension to about 32%.

I have gone through all the variables - the affiliate link works, the search ad specifies getting a video downloader toolbar, I am definitely only paying for US traffic - something is going wrong with the presentation of my landing page :(

so... I made it this far in the simple sites course. What do you think marcus?
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Re: Please review my site! Thank you!

Postby magicman » Thu Aug 17, 2017 1:55 pm

gotta geo target your ad to usa traffic only thru bing... and also I don't think this will work at $1.05 conversion... perhaps add another offer or see ig u can get a better payout.

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Re: Please review my site! Thank you!

Postby brogan.klombies » Thu Aug 17, 2017 2:17 pm

Okay yeah in the last few tests I made sure that I was geo targeting only USA, and also only did US bing traffic for a bit. Anything about the landing page? Yeah the 1.05 conversion isn't going to work, though even when targeting US it didn't get any conversions.

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