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Great Chance to Win 50% off osrs gp for sale for Konar Drop Table Jan.21

Postby purple66 » Sat Jan 19, 2019 2:16 am

Turkey, the US and European countries are making a big dangerous and destructive mistake by their runescape 2007 gold insistence on labelling a secular, democracy seeking, peace loving, and increasingly progressive, logical and realistic organisation as terrorists and murders and viewing them as equal to al Qaida, Hamas and Hezbollah. PKK is part of Kurdish history and society.
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Kurdish society is democratic by virtue of being diverse and pluralistic in terms of regions, religions, dialects, minorities, tribes, traditions and political organisations. Kurdistan has never been under the control of a strong central state. Never a state ideology, religious and otherwise, has been viable and accepted by Kurdish people. Kurdistan society kept it genuine,

mostly pre Islamic traditions, of diversity, tolerance, recognition of all Others and genuine sympathy and support for all victimised minorities. Nowadays the Christians who are slaughtered in Iraq find shelter, peace and support in Kurdistan. Even the Arabs, who until a recent past were engaged in the genocide of Kurds, escape to Kurdistan from ethnic and sectarian cleansing by their own brothers in the south.

But now there are bombs in Turkish metropolitan cities and tourist attractions. Innocent civilians die and tourists are killed and injured.As a Kurd I condemn this. It is against our traditions and values. But as a Kurd I understand this. There are four main reasons for this dangerous development of Eagles of Free Kurdistan:

1. The world's indifference to the plight of Kurds and denial of their basic national and cultural rights in Turkey.2. The US and Europe's hypocritical and unfair labelling of Kurdish nationalsits as terrorists in spite of their readiness for dialogue, democracy and peaceful solutions to all problems.

3. Disillusion with even PKK's compromising approach to Kurdish question in Turkey after the capture of its leader Abdullah Ocelan and its giving up the aim of free independent united Kurdistan.4. The most important factor for this ominous development is what happens elsewhere: in Lebanon, in Palestine, in Iraq and everywhere else where there is violence.
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