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Only One Day!1000M Free rs cash will come for RS Plague's End Mar.20

Postby purple66 » Tue Mar 19, 2019 12:31 am

And as I mentioned before, the xp is pretty bad given the timegating. Compare it to the rift we had in runescape gold Dec/Jan almost a year ago. Everyone seemed to love that.Once again, it not really a complaint from me. I don want to rip on Jagex, especially when all this takes a lot of time to develop. But it not really my type of event unfortunately.I realise my post trails away from what you posted about,

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I prefer the events where we get tokens every few mins and trade them in for mystery boxes. Events that aren timegated in the way that this one is. (Can you only do this once a day?)But maybe it get boring if we only ever have those types of events on. And no doubt there be a million people complaining about Jagex doing the same thing over and over again.

So I can see why Jagex might have done it differently. But even with my alt not being maxed, I don know if I going to do this event again over the next month or so. I don really know what to do with those chocolates. Well, I understand what they do, but are they really worth the time spent running around to all the pillars and killing zombies for 10 minutes? Not really.

I agree with the definition and socialism is exactly what people like Freeman, Penn and this administration by extension, the Democratic Party whether they aware of it or not. All we hear today is class warfare, another industry being taken over or regulated out of existence, and complaints about when 100% of the taxes are paid by 50% of the citizenry.

Otherwise it normally pretty obvious what going one once you figure out the basic layout.potofpetunias2456 1 point submitted 4 months agoYou are correct that the explanations of the system aren all that convincing, however there is a reason mathematics is the language of physics and the universe, not English.To get anything more than rhetorical evidence for this you really need to delve into the mathematics of these theories.

That took a lot of courage. Its a thankless task, and its very stressful to talk about these things, however, just hearing some responsible media coverage, that means a lot. Keep up the good fight.. Usually scientific studies make statements about averages across broad populations. This means that anecdotal evidence is often compatible with scientific consensus even when it seems to be at odds. It wrong for a person to say their experience applies to all people, but it is also wrong to say that all people experience the average case measured across an entire population.
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