What do you think of this niche I have admin?

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What do you think of this niche I have admin?

Postby brogan.klombies » Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:52 am


[June 5, 2017]

Hello! So I'm looking to make a new batch of websites, and want to make sure I choose the right niche before going any further. Here is the list of keywords I have generated so far... some of them have a little extra info/questions on ads, affiliate offers, and domain names - all of the keywords are listed as LOW COMPETITION, and for all of them I would probably go for SEM rather than SEO.
My Main Concern!....has to do about what I need on my site for Bing Ads/Adwords to let me run it on PPC, and what kind of content it ought to have to get it accepted.
the non-keyword items should be in parentheses most of the time

- News Feed, (has a few ads bidding. Affiliate offer to sign up for a news feed? Newsfeed toolbar?)
- Watch tv online. (PPC? Get them to download a TV toolbar? Television Fanatic $2.25 per dl. Suggested bid CA$2.43)
- Watch TV series. (Suggested bid CA$0.81. )
- Tv watch
- Watch tv live
- Watch tv series online
- Watch tv shows online
- Watch tv shows
- Watch live tv
- How to watch tv

- Win tickets. (Lottery tickets?) Affiliate offer: adpump - The Lotter WW - $48.00, PPL (signup). SEM site. Blanket Bidders.
- Pick 3 (Lottery winning numbers)
- Pick 4 (Lottery winning numbers)
- How to pick winning lottery numbers
- How to pick lottery numbers

- Visit england. Visit UK
- How to fight. (lots of youtube)
- How to increase breast size (lots of sponsored shopping ads, no search ads lots of offers for sales, free trials, leads. 2 youtube vids on page one. )
- How to grow taller. How to get taller. How to increase our height. (shopping ads, no search ads). PPS Clickbank $43.72.
- How to increase memory power. Improve memory. How to increase brain power. How to improve memory power. (1 ad. PPS brain pills/supplements. )
- How to increase immune system. How to improve immune system. How to improve immunity. PPS ebook on fighting drug resistant bacteria $30.46
- Improve blood circulation.
- Reduce blood pressure.
- Decrease breast size.
- Reduce anxiety. Reduce stress. How to get rid of stress.

(okay for the next one I'm really curious.. I'd like to know if this one I found is plausible. I am mainly concerned that Google may not let an ad run for video downloaders - since that would mean people would download youtube videos and that would lose google money)

Video downloader. (2nd page ads. Payperdownload, $2.25 Video Convertor Download, globalwide media. Huge volumes of traffic. )
youtube video downloader (no ads),
youtube to video (no ads),
video downloader youtube.
How to download videos from youtube.
Youtube free download
ETC (many more keywords about downloading youtube videos)

○ Videoconvertordownload.me? Downloadyoutubevideos.me? Downloadvideos.me/downloadvideos.online
○ Does Google not allow publishers to promote a product that loses google's youtube money ?

- How to learn faster
- How to learn hindi (low competition)
- How to learn korean
- How to learn maths easily (3 ads) (math toolbar?)

(Weight Loss/diet/exercise Market - oddly enough, these keywords are all LOW competition when I checked)
- How to lose weight fast (1 ad page one, 3 ads page two)
- Gm diet (1 ad page two)
- How to lose fat fast (no ads)
- How to lose 10 pounds
- How to lose weight in a month
- How to lose weight in 10 days
- Weight loss calculator (1 ad)
- How to burn fat
- How to lose weight at home (sell them an online exercise course??)
- Rapid weight loss
- how to lose belly fat for women
- Quickest way to lose weight
- How to lose weight in a week
- Lose belly fat
- Exercises to lose weight
- Best way to lose belly fat
- I want to lose weight
- Exercises for flabby arms
- How to reduce weight at home
- How to lose body fat fast
- How to lose weight in a week at home
- Healthy weight loss
- How to get abs (no ads)

(Make money online market)
- How to earn money from home (1 ad)
- How to make money from home
- How to make easy money
- How to make quick money
- Ways to make money online
- Easy ways to make money
- Make money online fast
- Make money from home online
- Easy money online

(Real Estate)
- Tips for buying a house
- How much money do I need to buy a house
- What to know when buying a house
- Can I buy a house

- My own business

- Jokes to tell (joke toolbar? Joke app download?)
- Stories to tell
- How to tell a story

- How to install fonts (3 ads page two) (affiliate offer for downloading/buying fonts???)
- How to install laminate flooring
- Download instrumentals (1 ad page one, 3 ads page two)

So... it's a big list. Perhaps at least a few things in here would be worth jumping on and making a simple site about. What would you pick admin?

Thank you!! ;)
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Re: What do you think of this niche I have admin?

Postby magicman » Mon May 01, 2017 4:08 am

what is the niche?

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Re: What do you think of this niche I have admin?

Postby brogan.klombies » Mon May 01, 2017 6:05 am

Broken Window. I noticed that there's no ads and its all about 'broken window theory'. I went ahead and started trying to make my first website to target PPC traffic who want a solution for/fix their broken window.
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Re: What do you think of this niche I have admin?

Postby brogan.klombies » Mon May 01, 2017 6:14 am

So im curious on what you would do if you had this niche.... Right now, im trying to find affiliate offers for the website, so far I only found ppcall for window replacement. Im anxiously eager to launch my first website in the next 1-2 days
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Business Development Executive

Postby rokshana22 » Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:38 pm


I'm creating a YouTube channel and am going to publish videos on it, but I'm stuck on a few things . Hopefully a few IMers here can give me any better solutions.

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Wow, she is one of the most beautiful girls I have seen
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The sexiest woman in the world

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