Special Saturday Webinar - Making Money On Purpose

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Special Saturday Webinar - Making Money On Purpose

Postby magicman » Sat Jan 03, 2015 5:17 pm

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Re: Special Saturday Webinar - Making Money On Purpose

Postby Mr_N » Sun Jan 04, 2015 2:02 am

Howdy Is it my laptop? :?:
I can bearly hear the video.
Well ,I can hear but I wud lov
it Louder :oops:

Howdy I am obviously from Texas :-) and I
need help with making money online.

Thank You

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Re: Special Saturday Webinar - Making Money On Purpose

Postby jimburrow » Sun Jan 04, 2015 11:57 am

Time Line of this Webinar
Pre-Sale Webinar and some examples to start making money right now
By Jim Burrow http://gettingtraffic.org

00:00:00 Marcus life story

1:04:16 What the Year Long Course is Going To Cover
1:15:27 End of 52 week list

1:21:34 Marcus Promise to us in the course
1:223:19 End of promise list

1:33:45 Begin Presentation on how to make money
1 - Find out what people want
1:34:03 2 - Get to know your stuff Do research to know more than the average person

1:34:19 Example how to find what people want

1:38:00 Re-cap of steps 1 & 2 just covered
1 - what do people want or looking for
2 - Figure some good stuff out and how to present it by knowing More than the average person

1:39:37 Have to say it in a way it works. You must say it in a way for them to take action - like click a link or download button.

1:42:09 Marcus goes one further and shows us how to make it easier.
1 - Need no website
2 - Don't need technical know how
3 - Don't need to know how to Rank in the Search Result Pages
4 - See how to get Free Search Engine Ranking without knowing how to do it.
5 - Getting Free Content that people want to see

1:43:42 Example - Making a Post in Affiliate Marketing Dude.
1 - Log-in Affiliate Marketing Dude
2 - View the posts and see how many people are viewing them. This is Traffic to you.
3 - Notice the questions. What are they positing about and how can you Answer their questions or comment -
How can you help them

1:45:08 How to mind data in the forum.
1:45:52 How to write a post with video to comment or answer a question
1:48:45 End Of Example

1:40:00 Ending webinar with last minute sales pitch
Jim Burrow a senior student of Marcus.


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