How To Remove Malware - by jim burrow

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How To Remove Malware - by jim burrow

Postby jimburrow » Thu Feb 26, 2015 2:03 pm

My new niche is "what is malware and how to remove them"
To help you understand my thoughts in this niche and how to layout the site for a hybrid model I have include two PDF's

* The first pdf is my thoughts on what this niche is about and different ways to set the site up.

* The second pdf is the one I created to explain what Malware is and how to remove them. Plus do's and don'ts.

* The video I go into different scenarios in ways I think the sites could be set up, using the hybrid model.

What I would like for you to do is go through the pdf's so you know my thoughts and watch the video and would like for you to send a message to all the students to do the same.

Then on the next webinar, go over my site/niche and tell us how you would set things up for this niche/website so it will be profitable.

Here are the two links to the PDF's


* video -

Jim Burrow a senior student of Marcus.

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