Could you please review my sites

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Could you please review my sites

Postby mason1407 » Wed Jul 22, 2015 3:59 pm

Hi Marcus,

Could you please review my four sites listed below if you can. Two are the cheap sites flipping to the expensive sites. Could you please let me know what needs to be done with them or what do I need to improve on. I have enough content and offers on the sites. My problem is no traffic. – –

Thanks, Chris
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Re: Could you please review my sites

Postby magicman » Thu Jul 23, 2015 12:05 pm

Hi Chris,

there is a catch 22 at play here.

if you are going after free traffic (organic rankings on search engines) then clearly you do not have enough content... or the sites would start ranking.

so its either a lack of content or your keywords are too competitive. from what i see on these sites... its both.

for the looks of the sites...

the fonts and arrows and everything make me want to leave as they are not very focused... think like your visitor...

if you were in the market for a small business loan... would you trust your site? would you leave, read, ect... from what i see the site just looks like a slapped together attempt at putting something up just to have it up.

focus on providing good valuable info, make them look nice, give good reasons for opting in... add choices...


small business loan... put a dropdown or survey on how much they need... engage them and learn about them
saving money... give them reasons to opt in... make it spicey... these 5 tips saved me $1,309 per month ect
become successful... this niche is a bit broad but focus on the user and give them tips
credit card fraud... make the site look trustworthy and show the options availible

when i say simple i mean basic, to the point, and valuable to the user... that does not mean skimpy or lacking or by any means hard to look at.


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