Problem with my Google Adwords Campaign.

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Problem with my Google Adwords Campaign.

Postby 7evnty2 » Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:06 am


Marcus... I recently made a Niche Site.

I got everything set up... The site was ready to go and start making money. I optimized for SEO but Wanted to see quick results and statistics of how well my site will do.

I made a Google Adwords Campaign... I even got 1 Cent Clicks on it.

After reaching this point I felt very enthused and happy that I made it that far and all that was left was to see stats and performance so I know more about my site visitors and can make appropriate changes to my site to optimize conversion.

However... I ran into a major problem with my google adwords campaign.

I got a product that was perfect for my niche but Google won't let me run an Ad because the Landing Page of my Affiliate offer is Suspended...

They said that on my Website.. When I linked to my affiliate offer... That site has a permaclick status and most likely will be suspended forever.

I don't know what permaclick status is but the Google expert did tell me I could not run an Ad on google for my website if my website links to theirs on my landing page.

So he told me to find a new product to promote. So I left that old landing page and SEO'ed it.... Hoping it'll eventually get some organic traffic and I decided to find a new affiliate offer. SO I DID... I Found one off of Clickbank..

This time... I made blog posts about this affiliate offer. Was gonna make a PPC Landing Page for it as well... but turns out that the website for this Affiliate offer was also suspended. So now I have only one more option.. The only other offers I can find that will work on my site are Amazon products.

But that's a huge loss because the first product gave me $40 per sale... my second gave me $21 per sale.... now amazon for this niche is only gonna give me a few dollars. (WHICH I KNOW... for 1 cent clicks.. if my site converts well, then I'm still making good money but......)

My question is...

Is there anyway around this problem? I would much rather use one of the first to affiliate offers but their landing pages are suspended on google adwords... So I can't run an Ad Campaign because of the affiliate offers I'm linking to are suspended.

When I linked to the offers it was in images and text... So I'd use a button or text that says "Click Here"...

I even cloaked them with Bitly.. so I could track how many link clicks I got. I thought maybe if I cloaked them that google wouldn't know it's the same site but that was a bad assumption...

What can I do Marcus?

Should I just use the amazon products or Is there a way to get around this google adwords problem?

The adwords specialist said those sites are suspended for the text and images on site.. He said they can't use any sort of permanent cure or permanent results type of claims on site.

My niche is in skin health.

Please help man thanks!!!!
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Re: Problem with my Google Adwords Campaign.

Postby Jaros@36 » Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:04 pm

Hey, if you are having any kind of problem with Google Adwords Management then you should consult expert team. They will give you insights of the problem and you would get to learn a lot of new tactics. I also got help from Visiblefactors and this team is wonderful.

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