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www.HowToBuildMuscle.org - Almost ready for a site review

Postby GreenPen » Sun Apr 12, 2015 8:27 pm

Site - http://www.howtobuildmuscle.org

I offered to let visitors bypass the opt-by clicking on the "Bodybuilding Blog" link at the bottom. Of course, once there I offered them other options. I think I may use a pop-up opt-in as well...maybe Marcus' survey plugin may be suited here as well.

Onward...after keying in the Trigger word "build" into the Keyword Planner, I decided to get into the "build muscle" niche. Notice I never said "body building". Anyways, my main keyword is of course - how to build muscle.

There's so many vertical keywords here I don't know where to start - how to build chest muscle, how to build ab muscles, how to build arm muscles, etc. Incorporating these keywords is one task I need to do yet but not before I...

1. Spruce up Thank-you page
2. Edit email follow-up sequence - (add affiliate links, etc.)
3. Write 2 more articles.
4. Edit Free PDF download (add affiliate links, etc.)
5. Get better images
6. Join MaxBounty and do set-up for Free Fitness Toolbar download and add to opt-in Thank-you page.

Even though there are little to no paid ads for many of these keywords, competition is still too tough to rank on the free search results with all the big name brand body build sites out there. So I need to pay for my advertising. My budget is a little tight right now but I'll start with Google Adwords because I'll get $100 in free advertising with a $25 ad spend.

I'm still learning to work with the plugins so I'll be adding, editing and deleting over the next few weeks I'm sure.

One thing wrong I did was to put an Adsense ad on my Thank-you page, and after watching one of Marcus's videos, I took it off and figure how to add it back on the "right" pages tomorrow.

Also, I added a mobile plug-in to make the site mobile responsive. With the way mobile is going, it just might increase traffic that I otherwise wouldn't have.

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