How to add a Hyperlink in wordpress

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How to add a Hyperlink in wordpress

Postby jimburrow » Thu Jun 11, 2015 1:01 pm

How To Set Up A Hyperlink In WordPress

People often get lost in how to make a piece of text like "Click Here" or a button or banner click-able as a Hyperlink. Especially when they get a strip of Hyperlink code from the company or product they wish to promote on their website. Companies like Clickbank give you two codes - Which one do you use?

In this video on my website, I cover how to add a click-able link to your WordPress website button, banner or text.

Description – what’s covered in this video

Many new people to WordPress get confused on how to add a piece of code, say from Clickbank, to their website so it is click-able to an offer or sales page. With Clickbank, there is one piece of code that starts with “http://” and then there is a second piece of code that begins with “<a href= ……>”. – which one do you use?

In the second piece of code above, it is used mostly by people that build websites that are not using WordPress. And the first code (http://) is mostly used in WordPress to make a button or piece of text in the copy click-able to somewhere. It could be to another page or post on your site or to an offer/sales landing page. It could go to Amazon or Clickbank products, just about anywhere you want it to go when someone clicks on that link.

In this video, I first cover how to add a link to a piece of text in your body copy. Next I show you how to add a link to a button, like a start or click here button. The last thing I cover is where do you use the “<a her=” sting of code.
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