new to affiliate dude

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new to affiliate dude

Postby kathe21 » Wed May 04, 2016 8:42 pm

Hello Marcus and everyone
I have just watch the 1st video on CPA offer and I loved it!
There are few things that I didn't quite get, but anyway...
I would like to have your advise on Marcus program? Sorry Marcus but I have spend at least $5000 in different software with other successful affiliate marketers, yet I haven't made a single penny.
I am a mother of 2, and just lost my job 2 months ago. But I thought it was a good thing because I had started doing affiliate marketing 1 year ago, and I really thought that I had bought the best affiliate software out there. I am not going to name them (2), but of course they all claim to be "the"best, that we're going to make tons of money with this, blabla...There is even one of them who was quite impolite because he said I was asking too many question...after I bought his program almost $2000. I work hard to achieve my goals, but I am really started to have enough...the worse is that I feel like I am the only one not understanding how to get money?!
So my question is for you Marcus:
Should I really take out my kids saving to buy your software? With hard work and if I follow your step by step, am I going to start earning money???

Thanks for reply
Sorry for any mistakes! I am french
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Re: new to affiliate dude

Postby scrapiron » Thu Jun 09, 2016 8:38 pm

Hi Kathe21

I just want to tell you, That No your are not the only one who is having trouble getting to point where you can say you are profitable.

I sincerely hope you have Not cashed in your kids savings yet
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