Neighbors describe chaotic scene of N

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Neighbors describe chaotic scene of N

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NEWARK -- The day prosecutors allege Andre Higgs shot Latrena May <a href="">Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes</a>, Juliet Kerr was looking out the window of her East Orange home, she told an Essex County jury Wednesday.

"I can't get that sound out of my head," said Kerr, who described May falling down on the steps of her Tremont Avenue home. "Hell broke loose after she fell."

Higgs, 45, of Watchung, is on trial before Superior Court Judge Ronald D. Wigler in Newark on charges of murder and other offenses in the May 1, 2015 killing of May, a 27-year-old charter school teacher and the mother of Higgs' daughter.

Higgs, who owned the apartment building May lived in, is accused of shooting her three times with a .45-caliber pistol after she flagged down a passing police officer, Detective Kemon Lee of the East Orange Police Department, who subsequently shot Higgs.

Higgs' defense team, Remi Spencer and Joseph P. Rem Jr., have presented an alternate theory: That Lee shot first, causing Higgs to inadvertently fire his gun into May.

Kerr, who lived next to May, testified she saw May talking to Lee from the steps when she heard the woman say "stop," and the officer tell someone to "put the gun down."

She heard a loud noise and saw smoke drifting upward from near the apartment's doorway. After May fell, Kerr said there was rapid gunfire.

"I can't tell if it's 10, if it's 100, if it's 2, because it's a lot," she said <a href="">Online Newport Cigarette Store</a>.

An assistant medical examiner previously told the jury May was shot three times with one of the bullets puncturing both lungs and major arteries. Lee testified he fired his own weapon nine times. Five of those bullets are said to have struck Higgs.

Kerr could hear the him yelling "shots fired" into his radio after the gunfire erupted, she said.

Joseph Jackson and Reshanda Richmond, who lived upstairs in May's building at on Tremont Avenue with Richmond's son, both testified to having heard yelling downstairs prior to the shooting.

Richmond said she heard May yelling for police prior to the shooting, and Higgs addressing the officer as "my man."

Like Kerr, Jackson said he remembered hearing May say, "No, stop," prior to the first shots, although he told Assistant Prosecutor Justin Edwab he didn't know who she was speaking to.

Jackson said Higgs' then 4-year-old daughter later came upstairs and knocked on their door after the family barricaded themselves for safety.

"I moved the couches, opened the door and pulled her in <a href="">Buy Newport Cigarettes Wholesale</a>," he said. The girl was unharmed <a href="">Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes</a>.

In a 911 call played for the jury, Jackson can be heard telling a dispatcher that a wounded Higgs has retreated back into the building.

"He's on the first floor making noise -- he's hurt," he said. "I can't see where he is."

Higgs ultimately was arrested inside the building after it was surrounded by East Orange police.

When Jackson later went downstairs, he said, he saw a "trail of blood" through the hallway between the front door and May's apartment.

Attorneys spar over cop's shooting of defendant

Lt. Randolph Root, a prosecutor's office detective who supervised crime scene investigators, testified Wednesday that surveillance video he obtained from a nearby property didn't capture the events at May's building.

The video did capture a person getting out of a pickup across the street and walking toward May's home, as well as a police car coming down the street.

On cross examination, Spencer pressed Root on why he didn't prepare a report on the actions of his crime scene detectives, and on whether he had sent an email to his superior summarizing the investigation <a href="">Cigarettes Online Free Shipping</a>.

The lieutenant said he could not recall exactly what he had done on May 2 when he returned to the Prosecutor's Office following the on-scene investigation.

"That's why you're trained to write reports, right," Spencer asked.

"We're definitely trained to write reports," he said.

On redirect examination by Edwab, Root explained a report of the crime scene investigation was prepared by one of his subordinate detectives at his direction, as is customary in the unit, and identified the report he personally had signed off on.<br/>related article :<br/> <a href="">Marlboro Lights 100S Carton</a>
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