Daily Profit Tasks To Focus On

Marcus' Productivity Skills List
Profitable Stuff You Can Do In 15 Minutes

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  1. Set Up A New Blog

  2. Buy A New Niche Domain Name

  3. Write An Email To My List

  4. Create Content For Blog/Site

  5. Make A Simple Infographic

  6. Create A Blog Post

  7. Make A New Video

  8. Record An Audio

  9. Make A List Of Helpful Downloads

  10. Make A Step By Step List

  11. Buy A Solo Ad

  12. Create A Blog Theme

  13. Answer Questions (forum, support, blog)

  14. Create And Submit Press Release

  15. Order Content For Flipper Sites

  16. Find Ten Subcategory Words

  17. Create Backlinks Within Niche

  18. Build An Opt In Offer And Squeeze Page

  19. Repurpose / Restructure Content

  20. Make A Moving Slide Video

  21. Create Webinar Notes

  22. Make Sites For Clients

  23. Interview Someone In Your Market

  24. Set Up A Simple Forum

  25. Create A Member Site

  26. Write A Letter

  27. Organize Info

  28. Test Your Market With PPC

  29. Make An Excel Calculator

  30. Find PDF's For Market

  31. Run A Banner Ad

  32. Set Up A "Grid" For Your Site

  33. Write A Book Chapter

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